BENCHES for the SCHOOL! -ongoing

A request for help has been sent to us from the School of Winners. They have long struggled with a scarcity of desks in the classroom which by now has become impossible to manage.

The student population has increased from 160 to 350 in the past few years, while the number of desks has remained largely the same. For long time just one more kid was squeezed into the desks which was originally for two pupils and a lot of desks collapsed. By now the younger children are left to study on stacks of bricks. 🙁 We waited long to see if there was a way the school could sustain its own need for desks but with livelihood in Mali deteriorating by the day, we have recognized the school's task as impossible. 😪 As the number of refugees seeking shelter in this neighborhood which increases the growth of the student population, the school will not be able to facilitate this with desks.

The time has come for us to take action, so we have started to collect donations for desks. The school is short of 60 desks that are quite costly in Mali. Our best offers are 30000HUF / desk. True though, that the desks in Mali are made from the local hardwood which is both structurally enduring and a great way to support local business. 😉

Padragyűjtési akciónkat bármekkora összeggel támogathatod, de nagyobb összeg esetén, ha szeretnéd, hivatalosan is „belevéssük” nevedet a padba, így állítva emléket összefogásunknak. 😉 If you are interested in this please email us at so we know what name to carve.

We also appreciate it if you find yourself a “seatmate” to share the cost of the desk. 😉❤👫 We would love to see families friends or even school classes, come together for this cause. Donations are accepted at:

16200010 – 10097432 (if from outside Hungary, IBAN: HU61 1620 0010 1009 7432 0000 0000), IBAN: HU61 1620 0010 1009 7432 0000 0000), please type “school desk” in the message.

THANK YOU for making a difference! ♥️🙏