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We currently operate in Mali and Rwanda, helping children access a decent primary education,

If there are no schools, we help build or expand them. If professional support is needed, we provide training. If there are no sports facilities, we support their development. When basic needs are lacking for the community, we work with them to change that.

We develop our programmes by listening to local communities, assessing and understanding their needs. We take up causes that help the community and its students broaden their horizons, such as teacher training, English education, or the Girls' Cause programme, where we stand against female genital mutilation.

Join us to change the life of a child or even a community! 

Our projects are documented in detail, and tracking them is especially important to us – you can keep track of exactly how your support has been used.


Our current programs to support

Nőközpont építése Bamakóban

Woman Center in Bamako

Our partner organization, the Sini Sanuman Organization was donated an unused plot of land from a local wealthy man. In collaboration with the Close to Africa Foundation, they will build a women's center on this plot near the Sansfil slum.

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