Programs in Hungary

Presentations on Africa

As part of our activities in Hungary, we are always happy to talk about Africa, to people of all ages. Most often we go to secondary and primary schools and hold awareness-raising lectures and activities for children, but we have also held different programmes aimed at kindergartners and university students.

Organising festivals

We have been actively involved in the organisation of several Africa-themed festivals in recent years, such as the "This is Africa!" and the "African Mosaic Festival". We would be happy to take on similar tasks, or even organise a more private "Africa Day" at school.


Round table discussions

Our Foundation has organised several round table discussions with experts on a specific African topic.


Károly Törös, a Hungarian-born, internationally renowned swimming coach who lived in Africa for 30 years, donated a significant collection of African sculptures, statues and paintings to our foundation. We organise exhibitions of these objects under the title "Art of Africa".