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Your monthly grant of 5000 HUF can help cover a child's school fees or school equipment, lunch and other education-related costs.

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We are looking for a supporter for our student support group, Claude! 
An excellent student, ambitious, good communicator, always caring for the poor and elderly, Claude is one of our pride and joy! Pal Ribarics For the past two years, with our support and the mentorship of Pal Ribarics, Claude has gone from deep poverty in rural Rwanda to the best university in Kigali. Here he receives some government scholarships and a bursary from the Hungarian Water Foundation, but Claude's livelihood remains precarious. On his scholarship, he can only afford a meagre room (he sleeps on a mattress with a fellow student) and minimal meals. Claude accounts for all his expenses, so we see that he has no money at all for clothing, meals with meat or other protein, or professional trips to the countryside organised by the university. By setting up a supporters' club, we want to give Claude a more student-like life.
We are looking for five supporters who would contribute 5,000.- HUF per month for the next four years to help Claude with his university expenses.
To apply, please email címre. 

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Sponsored Children, Rwanda

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