We had a great time at the Africa Expo, meeting lots of new people. We were pleased to be joined by so many Supporters and Volunteers who attended four professional talks.



  • It was great to tell people about Africa and our programmes. Visitors also really liked the colourful materials, handmade souvenirs, books, publications and our decorative stall, which radiated a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.🙂
  • Most of the Africa-related organizations in Hungary were there. After a long time, we had the chance to meet again with organisations who are also working in Africa: we had the opportunity to talk to each other and share our experiences helping in Africa.
  • To stand together with our volunteers. Thanks again for all your help! Together, we made a difference to make people more aware of Mali and Rwanda and to support children's education and the Girls' Cause.
    We also participated in four professional talks regarding child support, higher education scholarship programmes, women's destinies and green schools. New ideas came up, new opportunities for cooperation emerged. The knowledge-sharing worked very well!
  • Last year's biggest sponsor, Hungary Helps, worked tirelessly to make the event a success and was actively present and interested in hearing about the experiences.
  • Both the organiser and the organisations were keen to get closer to the goal of: How can we help in GOOD way in Africa?
  • THE CHERRY ON THE CAKE: We finished the patches of a life-size giraffe model! Children and adults alike sat down to draw and colour to complete the giraffe model. We've moved on to our new community drawing project for another endangered animal, the rhinoceros.