House of Hope projekt

Our dream is that no woman in the world should have to live mutilated, uneducated, or in a forced marriage! 

To make the dream of millions come true, we need your help! 

Our partner organization, the Sini Sanuman Organization was donated an unused plot of land from a local wealthy man. In collaboration with the Close to Africa Foundation, they will build a women's center on this plot near the Sansfil slum. Sini Sanuman és a Kozel Afrikahoz Alapitvany, Magnet Bank 16200010-10097432 együttműködésében egy nőközpont, a House of Hope.    

The center will serve as a shelter for girls fleeing violence and child marriages, and they will also have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge necessary to move on. Education begins with teaching reading and writing, as these basic skills are rarely provided in such areas. 

Among the further training courses, the girls and women who will be members at the House of Hope will be able to practice trades such as soap making and sewing. In addition, the Women's Centre will also provide occupational retraining for former "excisor" women that previously performed genital cutting as their primary source of income. Through these activities, we want to create sustainable income for them to replace what they used to earn from the harmful practice allowing them financial autonomy in the long term. 


A House of Hope This is the slum where our foundation's primary activity of supporting children in Bamako began and where hundreds of elementary school students continue to attend school thanks to our Hungarian donors. As the girls grew up, we became increasingly involved in their problems over the past decade, and we became aware that each of them was affected by FGM. We would like therefore that their children and sisters will be saved from this harmful tradition. 

To build a women's center and create change in the community we have grown to love we must unite in support.  

Thank you for any contribution you can make to the construction of the House of Hope, and to the empowerment of the girls and women of Bamako!bármekkora összeggel hozzájárulsz a bamakói nőközpont megépüléséhez, a bamakói lányok és asszonyok felemelkedéséhez! 

Donations are welcome to the following account: 

Close to Africa Foundation, MagNet Bank: 16200010-10097432, 

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