A huge milestone in the „Girls' Cause” program!

We have reached a major milestone with our Girls' Cause program.

The excisor woman who "served" the Sansfil slum has also "put down the knife," as they say.

But how did we get here?

In the Sansfil neighborhood, only excisor assistants lived, and perhaps you remember that out of the 10 assistants, nine had already taken a vow to never participate in excision again.

After this, our partner organization Sini Sanuman tried to reach out to the excisor woman who does not live in the neighborhood, but women from Sansfil go to her for excision. After several refusals, the woman finally agreed to meet with the representative of Sini Sanuman, but the meeting began with this sentence:

"If you came here to talk me out of excision, don't bother, because I'm not going to stop. My husband is sick, he doesn't work, and I need income to feed my children."

It's a tough spot to be in! - as they say. 🙂

But Keita, the woman from Sini Sanuman, didn't give up. She showed her photos, talked about the health implications of excision and the recurring problems women face, and today an agreement has been reached that the excisor will no longer work in her former profession.

In the picture, she is showing the certificate she received for taking the vow.