Entrepreneurship and english course in Rwanda

Our 4-week summer entrepreneurship and english course in Nyanza, organised by our volunteer Máté Kószó, has come to an end

During the four weeks, students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge in areas such as product development, marketing, branding, business opportunity search and business pitch presentations. Building on this knowledge, the students worked in groups to develop their own business plans, which they presented at the closing ceremony in the presence of local leaders, school principals and parents.

From medicinal chocolates to insecticides sold on credit, the students came up with many fantastic ideas, which the Commissioner for Economic Development and Job Creation of Nyanza District reciprocated with words of appreciation at the end of the presentations!

We were also very proud of our sponsored students Jean Luc, Daniel, Joseph and Elie who were among the top 5 students in their course results!

Needless to say, the atmosphere was fantastic and of course there were plenty of photos to share at the end.