Art Festival in Kapolcs, Hungary

Check our photos from the festival...

This year's Valley of Arts program series has ended in Kapolcs.

We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves inside the Green Garden courtyard. Those interested could see a presentation about the work of our foundation and the natural bogolan painting process, as well as traditional Malian motifs and symbols. With the help of our volunteers, we held craft sessions in the courtyard.

The participants could paint the symbols they learned on a T-shirt or a bag. In addition, we also used leftover materials from the previous Hint of Africa textile bags and clothes, and provided the opportunity for creative participants to sew these materials onto t-shirts or make armbands out of them.

Despite the heat, we had many exciting conversations and we were able to form many new relationships!

We thank the Hungarian Jane Goodall Institute and the organizers for the invitation. The atmosphere was great!

... the rain didn't dampen our spirits either, and this is what we got afterwards!