Alassan MAIGA

Alassan is a young orphan boy. His father passed away unexpectedly while working as a driver, supporting a family of 19 on a single income. According to the school principal, just two days before his death, the father had come to the school to pay for his children's tuition. He had mentioned his frequent symptoms of illness due to high blood pressure but could not afford to see a doctor. In November 2019, the man left behind 16 children and two desperate wives.  

The family is in deep trouble financially and relies on the help of neighbours and relatives. The two women support each other in finding a way for the family to survive and for the children to continue their education. The school is patient, but they request our help in supporting the children's tuition. 

Alassan is already 13 years old but he is only in the fourth grade. He is a bright child but due to financial difficulties, he was unable to start school on time.