Our community fundraising campaign is closed!

The fundraising for the House of Hope Women's Center in Bamako has ended!

The project is being implemented with the support of Hungary Helps and the collaboration of private individuals and corporate partners (Xeless Kft, Most-Épker Kft). With the help of 58 private donors, our project has raised 694.700 HUF, which will be used entirely for the construction of the building!

Thank you for contributing to the construction! With your help, we can initiate a positive change in the lives of several Malian girls and women.

What do we finance with this money?

Increased raw material prices also make planning and construction more difficult. However, we aim to deliver a usable building as soon as possible. We are working together to build the shelter using local materials, providing jobs for local people. 

Where did we start..?

In our Bamako Women's Centre, to be built in 2023, we aim to provide shelter and education for girls fleeing violence and child marriage, and women facing the complications of female genital mutilation (FGM). In addition, excisors who "put down the knife", i.e. give up FGM, can learn a new profession at the Women's Centre. Since the beginning of the year, we have been working on finding funding for our women's centre in Bamako. The idea for the house started from a donated plot of land on which we dreamed up a women's training centre and shelter with our local partner Sini Sanuman. 

Where is the House of Hope project now?

A team of Hungarian volunteer architects (Diana Nusser, Diana Bogdan Funk, Andrea Morris) have designed the multi-functional building and you can now see it in the form of a visual plan.

What are the units of the House of Hope?

Its special feature is that it will maximise the natural air circulation and shading of the plot, and that it will be both a community space and a shelter, but well separated from each other. On the ground floor, the first thing visitors will encounter is the Cyber Café, which will be a community office (printing, internet) and reception area. The office service is intended to generate revenue for the sustainability of the building.

Behind it is a breezy courtyard and two classrooms, which, when opened up together, can be a community space for larger gatherings and lectures. A soap-making workshop will be located on the back terrace of the smaller classroom. In the two classrooms, girls can learn literacy, IT, sewing and sewing to start a new independent life. When a woman seeking shelter arrives, she goes straight to the psychologist's interview room (known as the office on the ground floor) and is then led upstairs to the private section. Upstairs, there will be a bedroom at the back with a private bathroom, a kitchen on the terrace behind it, and two offices in the hallway.

If you would like to support our project, you can do it on our account number: MagNet Bank (forint) 16200010-10097432; Close to Africa Foundation; communication: house of hope .